Rehoming fee

When you’re looking to adopt one of our Huskies we are looking for a rehoming fee that tries to best cover the cost of rescuing the dogs. The rehoming fee almost never covers the cost of us taking in the dog. So what we do is supplement the costs by having drives and asking for donations. What does it really cost us to rescue and then adopt them out in good health?

Here is the break down (prices are estimates):

  • Spaying/neutering a dog is $45 - $175
  • UTD on Shots/Vaccines $20 - $150
  • Heartworm Testing $20 - $50
  • Micro-Chip $10 - $20
  • Food $30 - $80
  • Shelter/Time (these are from our fosters and Volunteers)

The range in price is $125 - $400, the lowest is rarely ever attainable since we’re rescuing them. Remember that the husky you’re about to take home didn’t come to us in this great shape, this is why we ask for your generosity and consideration in contributing.